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If you feel like your breasts are running your life, it might be time to consider breast reduction. This procedure can have a profoundly positive effect on pain reduction, mobility, and self-esteem, allowing you to do the things you love. Introductory offer ends 19 July 2019. Book now to save £750.

Introductory offer - £5500 - plus initial consultation

Breast reduction surgery at Benenden

Did you now breast size can change at any age

If you struggle with a large breast, a breast reduction can ease back, shoulder and neck pain, improving your self-confidence and freedom to move.

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Save £750, book by 19 July 2019

Breast reduction can be a good option for women whose breasts are impacting their quality of life. If your breasts prevent you from making the most of everyday life or sporting activities, causing you pain or poor posture, surgery could be for you.

The procedure makes the breasts smaller, more lifted, and less heavy by removing excess tissue and skin. The remaining tissue is then reshaped to resize your breasts. We guide you through the process, with our specialist team available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We’ll create a recovery plan with you ahead of your operation so you know what to expect after surgery. Your follow-up consultation with your surgeon is included as part of the cost, so we can make sure you’re on track as you heal.

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Benefits of breast reduction


Reduced discomfort and distress

Day case procedure

Improvement in posture

>Typically takes 20 minutes

Reduced chance of backache

Very little pain or discomfort

Freedom to participate in sporting activities

Fast post-operative recovery time

Increased self-esteem

What you can expect after the procedure

The surgery takes around two and a half hours and you’ll need to stay in Hospital overnight. After a day or two you should be allowed home. We will give you painkillers to take home as your breasts may be sore and swollen following surgery. It's important you take your time to recover. It may be weeks before you can drive, stretch, or do strenuous exercise, while the final shape of your breasts may take months to settle.

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Full terms and conditions

Full Terms and Conditions for Breast Reduction Introductory Offer.

  • This introductory offer applies only to the Breast Reduction Procedure and associated care package and is open to people who are resident in the UK and aged 18 years or over.
  • There will be an additional initial consultation charge of £250.
  • The introductory breast reduction package price of £5500 includes pre-operative consultations (not including 1st consultation), breast reduction surgery & follow up.
  • A Benenden Hospital Breast Nurse Specialist or consultant surgeon will speak with you before your initial consultation to ensure your eligibility for a breast reduction initial consultation.
  • If you are over 40 years of age and have not had a mammogram in the last 3 years or have a lump or breast symptom then you are asked to complete a mammogram (not available at Benenden Hospital Trust) before confirming your eligibility for the procedure.
  • Following your initial consultation if you and your consultant agree to proceed then the private patients office will book you in for the next steps of the patient journey leading up to booking date for surgery. All surgery is subject to passing pre assessment.
  • Introductory offer of £5500 applies to patients booking an initial consultation with a consultant at Benenden Hospital (open to self-pay only).
  • Breast Reduction is not available through Benenden Health Membership. This is available to members and non-members on self-pay basis.
  • Breast Reduction procedures are completed under general anaesthetic and you will require a one night stay in the hospital. Your consultant will discuss this with you.
  • Benenden Hospital Trust abides by strict eligibility criteria. Our Breast Nurse Specialist or Consultant Surgeon will discuss this with you.
  • An initial consultation must be booked by 19 July, and taken by 31 October. Any initial consultations booked or taken after these dates will not be eligible for this introductory offer price.
  • Appointments can be booked by telephoning 01580 242 521.
  • A letter of referral from your GP may be required. Your GP may charge you for this service. Benenden Hospital may not proceed if a referral letter has not been received from your GP.
  • Additional diagnostic investigations may be recommended by your consultant. Any such additional diagnostic investigations and any follow up appointments are excluded from this offer and will be charged at full price and invoiced separately.
  • You are under no obligation to proceed with further treatment at Benenden Hospital following your consultation.
  • Unless you specifically advise us otherwise, we will send a report of our findings to your GP so that any relevant clinical information is recorded on your medical record.
  • Participants are deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions upon booking.
  • Personal data supplied during the course of this promotion will only be processed as set out in Benenden Hospital’s privacy policy which can be found here.
  • If there is any reason to believe that there has been a breach of these terms and conditions, Benenden Hospital may, at its sole discretion, reserve the right to exclude a participant from participating in this offer.
  • Benenden Hospital reserve the right to hold void, suspend, cancel or amend this offer where it becomes necessary to do so.
  • This promotion will be governed by English law and participants submit to the jurisdiction of the English courts.
  • The promoter of this offer is Benenden Hospital Trust of Goddard’s Green Road, Benenden, Cranbrook, Kent, TN17 4AX.
  • For further information please call 01580 242 521 and speak to one of our private patient coordinators.

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